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A Grassroots Response

Inner Sunset Neighborhood San Francisco

This website is dedicated to making the Inner Sunset a vibrant neighborhood for people of all walks of life in a truly democratic way.

Neighborhood Watch

Inner Sunset Neighborhood Watch

Below the map are instructions for how to submit information to be placed on the Inner Sunset Neighborhood Watch Map.

The current icons on the map are examples and not real crimes. The markers are for demo purposes only. Once enough people participate, we will put up real markers.

Inner Sunset Neighborhood Watch is digital neighborhood crime watch. Right now only the Inner Sunset is being covered.

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Information to Submit

How To Use The Map

Gallery Of Pictures of Alleged Suspects

All people described or pictured are suspected or alleged to have committed a crime. All crimes are reported from neighbors. This is not a police report. What is reported here will not be reported to the police. The police will not know unless they visit the Inner Sunset Neighborhood Watch Map. Filling out a police report is up to you.

The map marks where security cameras are in the neighborhood that may catch video or photos of perpetrators. Neighbors can know who to ask to see if something is caught on a security camera. Other neighbors may put up their own security cameras to fill in gaps. Knowledge of their location may act as a deterrent, however, having read many reports on package thievery only one report did a security camera act as a deterrent.

Overtime as crimes get reported we will see if there is a pattern, hot zones, or the same people committing crimes. Hopefully, this will gives us some ideas to combat package theft, car break-ins, and other crimes.

While it is encouraged that people discuss crime problems on forums like NextDoor, I will not publish information from a forum. It is important that people e-mail me with what they want published to the neighborhood watch. By e-mailing me, you acknowledge what you want to share. Your e-mail and name will not be published unless you want them to be. is not a commercial entity so no data sharing with anyone. If you have any suggestions for the neighborhood watch, please share.

Send your information to:

Please read Information to Submit before submitting information about a crime or security camera.

Information To Submit.

Information needed for all icons is an address of where the incident took place or where a security camera is located.

For security cameras: Of most interest are security cameras that have at least some view of the sidewalk and street, but if you have just a camera for your porch, you can submit that information but no other details are needed. On the map it will show up as just a security camera icon.

For people that have a security camera(s) that have some view of the sidewalk or street, you can submit a picture(s) of the view, or describe the view, or submit no information other than where camera(s) are located, street address. If you submit no view information, it will be treated like a porch view camera and keep perpetrators and your neighbors guessing. What information or tactic you want to use is totally up to you.

You must state if you are willing to be contacted by neighbors or police and how they should contact you.

For crimes: Submit a short detailed explanation of the crime, the date and time it happened, what was taken and/or damage. You can submit a description of the alleged suspect or picture of the alleged suspect if you have that. Do not submit video. You can submit a link to video footage. The video footage in that link must be available for some time. You can submit a photo(s) or screen capture(s) from the video.

Your name and e-mail address will not appear online unless you want it to but will be included in the database in case someone like the police wants to contact you. They can also go to your address, which will be in the pop-up window.

Send your information to:

It is helpful if the information comes in a form that can be copied and pasted.

How To Use The Map

The map is self-explanatory for the most part.

blue car icon The blue cars icons are for vehicle break-ins.

package icon The brown packages icons are for package theft.

mailbox icon The mailbox icons are for mail theft.

burglar The red burglar icons are for home break-ins.

bolt icon The lightning bolt is for other crimes.

security camera icon The security cameras icons are for where security cameras are.

If you click on one of these icons, an information box will open with details and a picture if available. For clicking on an icon in a cluster, zoom in (+ or – bottom right) on the spot until the icons separate and you can click on the one(s) you want or click on the full-screen mode (top right) and zoom in from there. Press escape to exit full-screen mode.

If you find your-self in street mode, you can click on the arrow top left to escape back into map mode. Street view mode is the peg man button right above the zoom + or – buttons. You can drag and drop the peg man anywhere on the map and it will go to street view at that point.

The purpose of the gallery of pictures of alleged suspects is to see if there is any pattern of multiple crimes committed by alleged suspects.